Professor Moses Williams 
10th degree Black Belt Spiritual Kung-Fu
9th degree Black Belt Kajukenbo Karate, Grandmaster
10th degree Black Belt Sil Lum Pai Hung Gar Tiger-Crane, Grandmaster

He specializes in youth development, discipline and educational programs. He has worked in the Austin Community for more than 26 years. He has established good relationships with the Austin Police Department. He trained law enforcement officers and Judges as well as the children of the community 

Professor Williams has studied under some of the world’s greatest and finest Grand Masters including Grand Master Rick Reed, Grand Master John S. Wong, Grand Master Daniel Baker and High Priest Rick Anderson. Professor Williams has achieved 2 world titles: one in Black Belt Soft Style Kung Fu and the other in Continuous Fighting He has been ranked 3rd in the world by the National Black Belt League, Super Heavyweight Division. In 1997, 1998, and 1999 he won 3 Texas Golden Greek Awards in the Executive Black Belt Division 35 years or older in both fighting and forms. 

Professor Williams is also world renown for his skills in the martial arts. He was promoted to Federation President for the  United States, the People’s Republic China, the Hong Kong
 Federation of Certified Chinese Martial Arts Masters and Instructors in the South Central United States  by High Priest Rick Anderson and Federation  Founder Abbott Wang Fui Yein. 

He Graduated From Southwest Texas State  University in 1983  with an associates Degree in Criminal Justice. He has worked as a University of Texas Police Officer and Chief of Security for  Holiday In Northwest Plaza. In 2002, he was inducted into the Universal Martial Art Hall of Fame as Grand Master of the Year~Kung Fu and again inducted in 2003 as Head Founder Spiritual Kung-Fu his own system and in 2005 he was inducted again for the Diamond Life Achievement Award capturing two 
more world titles in chinese kung-fu forms and weapons.  We teach in a traditional Kung Fu method. Students defer to senior students and all deferring to Professor Williams in all matters concerning the Martial Arts. The training is challenging bringing mental and physical resilience.  Students from Elementary to College are able to better focus on academic studies and adults learn how to deal with the stress of today’s demanding world. The students of Fire Dragon participate in many tournaments though the year and win numerous 1st place trophies both in Sparring and Forms. Sportsmanship 
and fair play are emphasized over winning. 

Fire Dragon Martial Arts Institute has been teaching Kung Fu in Austin for 32 years and Professor Moses Williams has 46 years of Martial Arts experience. Our students come from various backgrounds, and cultures. We teach Doctors, Lawyers, Law Enforcement Officers, Administrators, Plumbers, everyone is welcome as equals all brothers and sisters in the Martial Arts. Each student brings their experiences and skills for the betterment of the school. 

Professor Moses Williams teaches techniques and philosophies taught to him by some of the worlds greatest Grand Masters: Grand Master Rick Reed, Grand Master John Wong, Professor Daniel Baker and High Priest Rick Anderson. They taught him techniques and philosophies that develop the body, progressing to the mind, while aspiring to improve the inner being or spirit. Since we are all perpetual students, it is the instructor’s responsibility to demonstrate self-control, self-confidence showing restraint and humility when teaching techniques. 

Biography & History of
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